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Donald John Trump Campaign

Donald John Trump Campaign

We've heard and seen many things coming from the Trump campaign over the last year or so; things unbecoming from a presidential candidate such as the total disrespect and or, over all contempt of a sitting president starting out with the birther issue and the following slanderous attacks against his administration and then, the comments against minorities and Mexico,

and lastly, negative remarks made against members of his own party via critiquing their appearance and station in government and moreso, we've always heard him speak highly of the former Soviet Union and at times, took the position of Russia on important matters.

Then we move on to his statements in showing admiration for such leaders as the north Korean leader being Kim Jong-Un and

the president of Russia Vladimir Putin

former leader of Libya Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi 

and otherwise moreover, we hear complements coming back from some of these leaders regarding Donald Trump in which, some here in the United States consider to be Tyrants at the very least.

We have heard Mr. Trump’s positions on volatile international issues that in essence affect the national security of the United States and or, indirectly affect the U.S. through it’s allies such as the I.s.i.l, the Iran deal , Libya , Benghazi, and the Ukraine events .

We've heard Mr. Trump rage against everything that the United States represents via his proposal of creating a mass deportation force in deporting eleven million undocumented people to parts unknown, the ineffective plan in building a wall to keep everyone out especially when, people are coming over on airplanes, and overstayed visas and not over the U.S. Border.

Making friends with Iran to which is considered to be a country that state sponsors terrorism around the world, wanting a deal with and talks with North Korea in the hopes of becoming friends and or, to solve their nuclear ambitions and lastly, standing with the Saudis against Israel

We've heard his plans to invoke assasination against the leader of North Korea through China and further, the assasination of anyone in a family member related to a terrorist or group  Trump complements these leaders one minute, then the next minute wants to assassinate them. 

We've heard Trump habitually lie over and over and yet, he calls everyone else a liar.  We've witnessed Donald Trump’s long history of business failures along with his shady mob associations and yet, Mr. Trump makes it all the way up to be the front runner of the Republican party, how can this be ?

We've heard Trump name call and hurl insults instead of offering any solutions that will push this nation forward and along with his fear and hate mongering in his rallies and in which, he claims to be the only one that can fix America, “The LAW” and order candidate, is he planning a police state ? In his long winded speeches?

Oh, here's what he thinks of L.G.B.T., Abortion, Pot and Guns and further, what do our kids think about Trump ? Check it out What about Trump on the Issues ? WOW, really, the best people huh… have a good brain ? Awesome but where are the solutions Mr. Trump?

Donald Trump brings people together ? He sure does, he brings people that normally hate each other together and against him, LMAO . What jobs Donald ? Do you mean the ones you create overseas ? We all ready have borders and country Donald so what's with the wall and who is going to pay for it again ? and .

And what about Trump’s tax plan ? and and immigration Trump on the economy, he's the king of debt and taxing China . Trump also stated at one point that he is “the king of debt.” via @YouTube

Ok, okay……I will stop for now even though I don't want to and why ? Because this is so fun for me, I like exposing frauds or bullshit artists  and so, let's move on to the more serious stuff as follows:  Mr. Trump hired his new campaign manager being Paul Manafort and to which, you will want to read over should you really wish to know exactly who Paul Manafort really is and where he's been.

Now, I've heard over and over again how Donald Trump isn't the establishment and or, he's the outsider however, this is simply untrue when you investigate his past and associates and further, I've heard that he really doesn't care if he wins the presidency but I beg to differ and why ? Because he's stated in the past, time, energy and money but what else might he lose ?

Well, he might lose Putin's friendship even though Trump has pushed Russia narrative in the Middle East and the Ukraine along with his mob connections as implicated in the lawsuit cited above.  He might lose his closest connections to the Kremlin regarding Paul Manafort and of course, he will lose the chance to twist American laws around that will not only serve his business interests, but the interests of Russia, North Korea, and otherwise other friends he might have that we don't know about yet.

Given the dubious past of Donald Trump's business and associate history along with that of Paul Manafort, it would only be prudent to view these two men as not only a national security risk, but a international security risk especially when  the views of Trump and Manafort are much aligned  with that of Putin and others in that region of the world whom oppose Democracy for the most part.

If you will read the lawsuit cited above you'll see that serious charges are introduced within such as money laundering, conspiracy and stock fraud which again, it states that Paul Manafort had full knowledge of concerning all the players mentioned in this particular lawsuit filed in New York.  Again, please read the 90 page plus volume lawsuit to see how it connects the former president of the Ukraine, Putin, and America through not only shady real estate deals but other connecting components.

Paul Manafort was associated with Putin and thus, why would Donald Trump have a man like Manafort living in Trump tower with him and further, why would either of these two men be allowed anywhere close to the Oval Office considering they have such affiliations?  That is the question. I believe that Donald Trump is a impostor into the world of American politics; an impostor with hidden motives, a man that doesn't want to make America great again but, wants to bring America into ruin.

When you think about it, Donald Trump doesn't really have to know government policy or even come up with his own proposals simply because, he's about working things around to his profit solely should he get into the White House rather then, look out for the American people’s interests.

Donald Trump is reckless, rude, crude, juvenile and an over all self-serving personality as is reflected in his daily attitude and yet, some Americans are willing to overlook the facts; they fail to see all the red flags wavering in the approaching storm.  The Soviets along with the Chinese have hacked into our government’s secure email accounts over and over again throughout the years and I wouldn't put it past these foreign governments in attempting to put their own little personal puppet like Mr. Trump into office to serve their goals.

Governments that hate strength and or, strong leaders like President Obama and former Secretary Clinton and so, it would only make sense to take into account the extraordinary lengths these governments would go to; Governments that seek influence in a U.S. Election process, Governments that would manipulate this election event around in where a weak leader would be put into office, a leader that they could control like Donald Trump.

Is this a conspiracy theory ? No, not really because it's backed up with Trump’s own words concerning his views and motives that tend to match Putin's along with the documented behaviors and associations both present and in the past past however, a bit more evidence will be needed to seal the deal and perhaps, the current F.B.I. investigation over the D.M.C. email matter will provide the rest of the answers needed to bring this corruption into the full light of day.

Enough circumstantial evidence can lead to conviction should it all lean toward guilt however in this instance, no one is on criminal trial here yet, any given political election is by its very nature the court of public opinion, and it is this public opinion that leads to the election of certain government officials.

In the case of Donald Trump, I find him not only unqualified and unfit to hold the office of presidency as a result of his baneful and ongoing political ignorance, lack of common sense knowledge, eradic or unstable temperament and worse, his total disregard for the feelings and welfare of others and lastly, his personal and business past dealings along with his dangerous affiliations and associations that I feel, would place this country in deep jeopardy.

Really, we must not ignore the obvious with a candidate that can't provide us with any workable solutions.  We must stop merely taking a politician at his word, we must put them to the test and hold them accountable because after all, when we place a person in the highest office in the land it's only right that we know what that person is really like in their private life, and if what their suggesting to us is a actual resolution to the issues we’re confronted with as a nation, wouldn't you agree ?

Donald Trump’s life is a closed book for the most part and we have to ask ourselves, what do we really know about him past his real estate projects and television show and not leaving out, his shady dealings with undesirable people in the course of his business and personal dealings?

And here lately, Trump’s entanglements with Paul Manafort and this guys ties to Russia, the Ukraine, and organized crime according to the New York lawsuit.  Everything about Trump says to me, run the other way as fast as you can and don't look back.  I'm only one person out of millions of people and yet,  I know I'm not the only one putting together this rather bazaar picture unfolding before us all.

Donald Trump being the sociopath that he is, is constantly ranting about a ‘rigged political system’  but one thing I know for sure and that is, sociopaths always accuse others of the very things that their guilty of themselves.

In other words, I can't believe that people are falling for a guy like Trump and his hollow promises and so, is there something going on?  Could Mr. Trump be rigging the game, buying the polls, and or rigging the polls in his favor? ?

I mean, this man is making a desperate attempt for the White House and strikes me as someone that will do anything to get there in so much as going to the extent of buying the polls  himself to give his campaign a boost in the public eye.

Have you ever wondered why he can say anything about anyone and still remain not only up on the debate stage, but become the front runner of the Republican party as well?  Have you ever wondered about that?  Of course you have, we all have, so what's going on ?  There must be some big money in play behind the scenes, must be some powerful people in foreign nations trying to get him into the White House and who might they be and for what purpose, we must ask ourselves ?

I smell shit with the Trump campaign and for good reason, do you smell shit ? Let's check our shoes to make sure that were not walking through Trump’s corrupt mess.  In closing, I hope Donald likes being investigated by the F.B.I. as much as he enjoyed Hillary being investigated by that same F.B.I.

Trump, like Paul Manafort, is more than likely a person of interest along with others that share their same connections with the former Soviet Union over this email hacking thing and lastly, we as the American people should demand a political system that screens our potential leaders in the future and if not, we could just as well end up getting a real life Hitler in the White House one day, a tyrant that ends up giving us the state of the union address over the nightly news, or worse.  I would ask those planning to vote for Donald Trump to reconsider by simply listening to your hearts and not to the hollow promises that Donald Trump hands out like candy.

I would beg you to think for yourselves, look at the hard cold facts, and refuse to be manipulated by this guy;  let him know that your nobody’s  fool, your not as stupid as he thinks you are,, but what's that again Donald, who's stupid ?,

Oh I see Donald, you like folks like this, right ?” I like poorly educated people” you say right Donald ? Well, this one isn't as stupid as you think she is and I believe she is going to take you down.

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This is the New York court decision on Donald Trump’s Top Adviser Paul Manafort below at:

Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 13 of 94
CMZ Ventures “Preliminary Term Sheet” lists as joint owners the following three corporations: (1) Defendant BARBARA ANN HOLDINGS, LLC, a corporation registered in Delaware and 90% owned by Defendant BRAD S. ZACKSON; (2) Defendant VULCAN PROPERTIES, INC., a corporation run and controlled by Arthur Cohen, although wholly owned by his wife, Karen Cohen; and (3) a corporation described in the formation papers as “XXX LLC”, controlled by Paul Manafort. See Exhibit 17. Each of these corporations and their owners acted as agents for Firtash and his associates by covertly investing their money through CMZ Ventures, Kallista Investments, and the Dynamic Fund.

Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 14 of 94
  1. Defendant PAUL J. MANAFORT is a well-known Washington D.C. lobbyist and political consultant. He is the senior partner in the firm Davis, Manafort and Freedman. Manafort also worked in Ukraine on various political campaigns, including the successful 2010 presidential campaign of Victor Yanukovich, who is the President of Ukraine at present.

  2. Manafort played a key role in the defendants’ conspiracy and racketeering enterprise by assisting Firtash to become a major “investor” and silent partner in defendants CMZ Ventures (sometimes referred to as “ZMC Investors”), 

  3. Group DF and their affiliated companies, through which Firtash and his associates were able to money launder a large portion of the funds that Firtash, Group DF and RUE were skimming from numerous Gazpron/Naftogaz natural gas transactions, as well as the windfall payments and profits worth approximately $3.5 billion that they received as a result of the corrupt transactions and breaches of fiduciary duties that resulted in the Stockholm Arbitration award, as described below in greater detail.

  4. These monies were then laundered through various New York based bank accounts under the guise of otherwise legitimate real estate and other investment activities in New York and elsewhere in the United States, and the contracts, agreements, meetings, discussions and electronic communications (e.g., computer, email and fax transmissions) relating to said money laundering and investment activities were primarily conducted through defendants’ offices located at 1501 Broadway, 25th floor. 

  5. Each of the defendants had substantial and purposeful contacts with New York in that the defendants either were based at the New York offices (“the New York defendants”) or, as to the defendants who were based elsewhere, they had the New York defendants act as their agents with regard to all activities of their racketeering enterprise that were conducted from the New York offices.
    Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 15 of 94 

  6. A large portion of these money laundered funds, particularly the New York bank accounts of the various defendant companies and their co-conspirators, was then funneled back to Ukraine to provide the “financing” for the persecution and deprivation of human rights of the plaintiffs and plaintiff class members.

  7. 37. Since Manafort been a key advisor to President Yanukovich and other Ukraine political figures since approximately 2003, he knew exactly how Firtash and his affiliated companies and associates were able to skim billions of dollars from the natural gas deals between Russia and Ukraine, and he knew that the monies were used to pay off political figures and government officials in Ukraine. 

  8. By inviting Firtash to utilize the various U.S. based companies to facilitate Firtash’s money laundering and political corruption activities, Manafort gave Firtash the opportunity to expand the scope of his money laundering activities into the United States. 

  1. Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 90 of 94 
  2. 282. Since approximately 2007 and continuing to the present, Defendants and their agents and co-conspirators have invested their racketeering proceeds in real estate and other financial investments in New York and elsewhere in the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1962(a). These investments have enabled the Racketeering Enterprise to operate under the cover of legitimacy when paying illegal government kickbacks, funding political campaigns, or otherwise distributing its profits. 

Define Treason: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Subversion: means overthrowing something, like a government or law, or it can mean corrupting someone's personal morals, like making a vegetarian eat bacon by tricking her. The Latin root subvertere means “to turn from below,” and when you turn something on its head in a sneaky way, that's subversion.

President Trump Listening To The American People

I've heard often how the media and the government has vowed to listen to the American people however I don't see much evidence of this coming from this new Trump administration thus far.  Where do I begin ? Ok, let's take a stab at the border issue and or “The Wall” in our first assessment and suggested resolution to this immediate problem.

Building a wall on the southern border is said to cost in the neighborhood of ten to sixteen  billion dollars that Mr. Trump stated over and over again that Mexico would pay for to which, Mexico has stated twice now in no uncertain terms that they weren't going to pay for.  A wall that Mr. Trump now says the American people will now have to pick up the tab for in taxes until the U.S. Government can get the funds back from Mexico.

Ok, this is a promise broken by Mr. Trump right off the bat even though he did suggest that the American people would have to pay for the wall once or twice towards the end of his campaign, but then went back to Mexico will pay for the wall.

Now that candidate Trump has become President Trump, this situation has evolved into another burden on the backs of the American people in that, a roughly 20 million dollar national deficit will now have another 10 to 16 billion added to it if we include the wall that we the people of America will have to pay off before we can even think about paying down the national deficit.

Of course, Mr. Trumps big plans to bring up the national infrastructure to date such as can be found in our dams, roads and electrical grid network will also add substantially to the over all national debt that in my opinion, will sink us into a deficit in where we have absolutely no hope of ever paying down that is, since our government is broke in the first place.

President Trump has stated that he's not for higher working wages in America and thinks American unions aren't really a good thing and thus, when we couple these things together along with imposed taxes to pay for additional infrastructure projects like the wall and further, higher cost of consumer items as a result of border taxes, then we can expect major inflation or even a eventual huge economy crash as a result.

The wall is a impractical solution and further a added burden to the American tax payer that will not have the desired effect in stopping drug trafficking in itself however, technology would be more effective approach along with added man power in the form of tactical response teams to address border crossings and drug trafficking along with added fencing over the remaining 1000 miles of border.

As most know, the wall is ineffectual in light of the tunneling effect and against visa traffic and or, visa overstays and thus if a database is to be used for anything then it should be used for those folks that overstay their visas no matter the nationality or country they arrive from. To use a federal or international database to restrict a particular nationality, culture or over all religion is in my opinion is not only American, but wholly unwarranted, discriminatory and rests on the lunatic fringe of insanity at best.

Regarding the Wall, and or, fencing line should be a joint venture between Mexico and the United States and not solely belonging to one nation or the other however and as a result of Mr. Trump’s  words and anticipated actions by others, the disintegration of diplomacy has occurred and or, is blatantly obvious a nonevent between countries at present and so, I'm not sure a reasonable solution can, or would be entertained by Mexico at this point in time.

Again, this president is addressing a somewhat complex issue with a very simplistic solutions in the way of the given ultimatum presented to Mexico to which I do not agree with, an approach that is not only one sided but comes off as a harsh and threatening demand, a ill prepared proposed demand that is seen as a preposterous level of strong arming.

What's alarming here to me can be found in that, the President seems to have a inability to problem solve to a certain degree, to solve a reasonably solvable issue such as working with Mexico in fencing the last thousand miles of the southern border, working with Mexico on a surgical repair of the border instead of insisting on the total redoing the entire border with a very expensive wall that we the tax payers will end up spending our hard earned money on.

Think about it, if this president can't navigate through an issue such as reasonable border security policy, one has to ask themselves, how he would handle a nuclear crisis and or, what would his response to defending one of our allies in Europe consist of past his threats or hollow promises?

His “throw out the baby with the bath water” approach on everything that comes across his desk is a disastrous set of policies at best and goes on to be a guaranteed bring this country to its knees directive in as little as six months and I would say to the entire Congress, YOU WILL not only lose your jobs through the American vote in the midterms if not sooner, but none of us will have jobs to go to if you permit this madness to go on any longer and why?  Because this country will enter the second great depression and Mr. Trump will not have the wherewithal to pull us out of it, you can surely count on it.

On to immigration; banning Muslim countries or Muslim persons from entering the United States and showing singular preference to the Christian refugees over the thousands of Muslims immigrants being killed and seeking to escape oppression and death from terrorist groups is by far and again, a overly simplified and one-sided approach to the issue and further guaranteed to cause more terrorism against this nation in the future as a result.

This might have been a reasonable approach had it been conducted in a surgical fashion after safe zones had been established in the middle east complete with enforced “no fly zones” however and as usual, the cart has been put before the horse once more.  Terror organizations will now play on the emotions and needs of the refugees and increase their numbers substantially over the next few months and not leaving out, the multiple middle eastern nations that will eventually pull out of trade packs between themselves and the United Stated as a result of Americas intolerant and aggressive isolationist mentality bent into policy.

Our ancestors didn't die on the worlds battlefields for this shit and I refuse to sit by and watch us all be teleported back to the 40's and beyond simply because, we have a alleged president who seems to be stuck in the past and is hell bent in attempts to address current issues in a way that doesn't even come close in resolving what we have going on in the world today. This is not America and more or less resembles totalitarianism over a democracy.

One thing I can guarantee you, Republican Congress. I will personally lead the charge against voting everyone of you out of office and then, we will give the government back to the Democrats should you allow this madness to continue.  I'm a centrist political view and agree with strong borders, pro-life, I want free trade and otherwise and or in other words I'm not the enemy and yet, I see the quick decline to this country if this continues and hence, this is madness that needs to be stopped NOW.

Walls, cutting ourselves off from the world, discrimination against nationality, gender, sexual preference, culture, religion or region is not the America I know. Voter suppression, allowing a campaign to continue that is suspected with foreign collusion with Russia and promising one thing on the campaign trail and and yet, having that same candidate get into office and proceed to take away those same things through Congress that he promised the American people he would protect for them.

I've heard this president ask for help and when offered that help, he doesn't listen and forges on to his own personal agenda to which, sounds much like a vendetta against China and Mexico, just to name a few nations under the fire of his negative statements.  A president that is trying real hard to keep his promises and yet at the same time, has no concept of a balanced approach nor a slight grasp of diplomacy.

A president, with good intentions paving the road to hell, a president whom lacks the ability to see off into the future, no foresight, an inability to see the ramifications or repercussions of what he says or does in the way of speaking to other world leaders or the policies he enacts and attempts to enforce.

Let me make a little prediction for you U.S. Government and please refer back to this post in three months time or less. We will end up in several wars in the middle east, a firestorm of death and violence, full blown war in the Ukraine, Syria will be will continue to be a killing field; America will be brought up on war crime charges and or, crimes against humanity, martial law will be imposed in every city of the United Stated as a result of riots and increased terror attacks on the homeland, and our economy will crash as a result of many other nations choosing not to trade with us should we stay on the course of incomplete and overly generalized policy coming from the Trump administration.

Inflation will be unreal as the cost of consumer items go through the roof resulting from border taxes and trade wars…….we will be engaged in what some in the middle east will consider to be a holy war and or, Christian crusade against the Muslims; we will more than likely be pulled into a military conflict with China and or a conflict over the South China sea over the islands…….we will deploy tens of thousands of troops to Syria and the Ukraine will be abandoned by the United States and left to Russia to take over.  Millions of U.S. jobs will be lost both here and around the world as we see starting to happen now, jobs will also be lost over seas as a result of the foreign exclusion of American contractors.

I think at the current rate of projection and course of events, we will have a trade war with China and Mexico along with a military action against North Korea, Iran, and quite possibly or eventually, a proxy war with Russia.  Israel will come under severe attack from militant or terrorist groups coming in from the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip, America will be drawn into a military engagement here in defending Israel.  You see President Trump, these things will come to be as a result of your lack of foresight and the complacency of the United States Congress, a domino effect, a chain reaction resulting from vague  policy, not seeing the big picture and not having the knowledge and experience to address it.

President Trump prides himself on being a good business man, a deal maker, and very rich guy that listens to the American people however, I don't see very good deals being made here nor good decisions being carried out in the interest of the United States moreover, I see the United States being drawn into war after war, America withdrawing from NATO and the United Nations, abandoning its long held relationships with allied nations, a second great depression coming, freedoms long taken for granted in the United States being taken away in the interest of protecting the American public from a terrorist threat via a militarized law enforcement, police state under martial law, the fall of America as we knew it as a result of a ill prepared president and complacent Congress and gagged media. 

Written By: James Morgan

Donald J. Trump: Liar And Imposter

I find it unequally interesting how certain aspects of Donald Trump's life has only been touched on in the media and more so how the deeper aspects of his criminal ties go unseen, unknown, and unreported for the most part . Trump is a dirty guy pertaining to a lot of the information I've seen posted by credible sources on the web via court records such as his affiliations to crime families both here in the United States and Russia.

Primarily, we've all seen and heard Trump’s  negative comments against Muslims, Mexicans, women, his own political party, the handicapped, and toward the American people over all by referring to us as ‘stupid’  people on numerous occasions to which, is a true reflection of his personality since he has maintained these cretin views for over a span of thirty or forty years.

We've seen Hillary Clinton subjected to protracted investigations over the Benghazi and private server events yet and at the same time, no one seems to be reporting on the several federal investigations that Donald Trump has drawn into his life through his mob connections, destroying his own emails and other evidence in a effort to obstruct justice in those particular investigations, allegations of tax evasion through placing assets in the names of family members and then having those same assets returned to him after his six bankruptcies were complete.

I've seen no investigations regarding his offshore accounts existing in other countries such as Russia and otherwise, accounts registered under family names and various other names to possibly cloak his dubious financial dealings with organized crime and or, the Russian government itself.

We've seen all of Hilary's scandals and investigations, we've seen Congress misappropriate of tax payer dollars to the tune of 20 million dollars to which, resulted in a judgment of no wrong doing on Clinton's part in any of these investigations along with, the abuse of Congressional investigative power that you can read about in these link provided for you here provided by the Daily Beast giving the full details at: and here at this provided link showing the abuse of the republican Congress: .

I wonder why 20 million plus tax dollars hasn't been spent in the investigative pursuit of Mr. Trump in the rape cases and or, allegations places against him involving young female subjects as the reports indicate, or the outcome of all the federal tax warrants and liens levied against him via different reasons. 

A guy like Donald Trump with so many scandals of his own such as these found not only taking place in the United States at:  but over in the former Soviet Union at:, he is running for president after all and seems to be a security threat to America’s national security.

And what about Trump's conflicts of interest regarding his real estate deals with a government or governments who are considered hostile to the United States, his mob affiliations that are repeatedly connected to the countries in question ? Are these not good reasons in themselves for the disqualification of a Candidate?  I mean, I know the American people want change however will this come at the cost of American freedom under mob rule ? I hope not.

The question is, do we believe all the crap that Donald Trump and his corrupt republican backers toss at at us in the hopes of assassinating Clinton's professional character and worse?  Will we choose to let organized crime into the White House just because some of us have been convened by these ass holes that change needs to take place in the United States via Trump; a guy painting the grimest picture of America that he can that doesn't really exist in reality; a nonexistent condition that he paints in order to scare the American people into electing a total idiot - being Trump?

In my opinion Donald Trump is a petty mobster who has enough dirt on him to fill up a stadium 100 times over, a mobster that has proven associations to crime families, a mobster who wants to assist hostile powers, a guy that wants to tear america apart at all cost to serve the interest of foreign powers along with serving his own interest, a guy that rages against outsourcing, corporate inversion, and companies producing their products overseas yet, a guy that engages in all these same things while clamming that he is a job creator, a job creator that creates jobs over seas instead of creating jobs here in the United States as his business history reflects as you can read about here at this link of : at: .

I wonder if Donald Trump will be given a pass in avoiding the debates with Hillary Clinton ? I understand that he's already trying to find a way out of these debates despite all his bullshit bad ass bully talk ? I don't know about you reader, but I want some damn answers and furthermore I'm not that willing to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire just because some moron like Trump tells me that we need change in America - change via kissing Putin's ass and stroking the north Korean’s baby god king’s huge ego.

I think Donald Trump will do everything he can to get out of the debates as these debates will prove to everyone in America that he is a Russian mob drone, a untrustworthy personality avoiding debates because he has no real answers or solutions;  because he is a man that doesn't want to make America rich more so, then making himself rich off the blood, sweat, and tears of the factory worker that works their fingers bloody everyday in America’s industries.

Donald Trump in my opinion, is a guy that hopes to float by on scaring everyone into believing that America is going down the tubes and that, “He's the only one whom can save us” because after all, he only uses the best mob affiliated people and he does have a good brain, right Donald ? Well, Trump always asks us to believe him when he says “believe me” yet, I for one don't believe a god damn thing he says, my mamma didn't raise a idiot and taught me “if it sounds to good to be true” then it's some con artist trying to scam you.

Everything this guy accuses others of doing are the very things he's guilty of himself when you start researching his criminally laden circle of mob affiliations, when looking at the sexual scandals and bad business dealings he has had over the years that have brought lawsuit after lawsuit against him.  Donald Trump is dirty all across the board and the American people liking this guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee least you find yourself in a really horrible nightmare.

Hillary Clinton is a saint compared next to Trump who has been attacked for years and yet, has never been charged with criminal conduct however Trump on the other hand, has been charged with criminal and civil rights infringement according to the information I've obtained through official records and eye witnessed accounts for an array of various violations of the law.

Donald Trump always has something nasty and petty to say about others and now not that this nasty behavior wasn't enough, we now see him conspiring with hostile government in asking them to hack the American government for the betterment of his own personal political and monetary gain. For years, we've had politicians making promises they never kept that is, until President Obama came along, a president that I didn't vote for the first time around but voted for the second time around and why?  Because he listened to good advise coming from the American people, he didn't have to, but he did, he not only listened but acted on good advice and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.

Do you think for one second, that Donald Trump will listen and make a positive difference in america like President Obama has ?  I don't think so. Do you honestly think that Donald Trump will put the nations welfare above his own?  I know he won't, what do you think, reader?  No matter how hard the republican party harps on Hillary Clinton with all their distortions and negative crap, I know one thing for a FACT in that, Hillary Clinton has a long distinguished record of public service, what's Donald got past his history of ripping people off and or, laying people off and taking advantage of people losing their homes, nothing is the answer.

Again, one thing I can tell you as FACT, Hillary Clinton not only listens to the American people, but she acts on our good advice, just like President Obama has done over the last eight years. The Republicans like to paint Hillary as some uneducated bitch that has no real accomplishments throughout her distinguished career but keep in mind, they have a history of lying just like their front runner, a party that likes to play dirty, a party that throws away ethics and everything else to win at all cost even if, they have to create fake web sites to rip off donations from the American public.

As far as trustworthy goes, I would put my life in Hillary's hands any day, for any reason at any time, and I'm not just saying this because that's how confident I am in the capabilities or abilities of Hillary Clinton and President Obama.  I don't look at our government as some perfect thing in time and I concede that the American government needs a lot of work however, to fix the issue at hand we would place a leader like Hillary in office to change the flaws within the system more so, then put some crazy ass like Donald Trump in office that eventually, would bring this nation down further then it was under George Walker Bush.

When Bill Clinton first was elected into office, I didn't like him; I didn't like him because of all the crap I was hearing about him on the news but after a while, I started to see the pattern in every time he tried to do something good for the American people another scandal would hit him out of nowhere and you know what ? This is now going on with Hillary Clinton.  The powers that be are not painting Clinton to be this untrustworthy monster yet and again when you research the facts, the republican machine is the untrustworthy ones who seek to serve their own interests, who will do anything to win at all cost even if it's at the expense of the American people.

I really don't know how America has come to the point of even letting a guy like Donald Trump run for the office of president not alone, permitting him to say and do the thing he says and does up on the debate stage.  This in itself has given me great doubt in the election process and moreover, causes me to believe that corruption is running rampant  in the U.S. Government.  Certainly we as the American people haven't become so desperate and naive to believe that a guy like Donald Trump is the answer to world peace and the restoration of our global climate.

As far as I'm concerned, Donald Trump is a imposter and quite  possibly a spy who seeks to take over our government from the inside out and moreover, I wouldn't give this guy the time of day not alone any classified information.  To venture further I would say, that he should be locked up immediately for espionage, treason and subversion against the United States Government along with carrying out a in depth investigation into his organized crime connections.

Again, in my opinion, Donald Trump not only is a divisive and racist  candidate, but a candidate that has low opinions of anyone different from himself. Trump is a dangerous candidate that shouldn't even be a candidate whom I believe, is a national security threat whom's motives are to assist our enemies in usurping the well being of our allied friends and further, to work against the sovereignty of the United States itself.

Everything about this guy isn't about a beneficial change in America more so than a self serving ruler whom seeks to crush any opposition to his views and political goals through the utter abuse of sovereign American power, through the misuse of government agencies and or, over all policies.  I do not make these charges lightly in the interest of one candidate over another however, I do make these statements in the interest of national security and the preservation of the American way of life.

Donald Trump talks a fair line of shit however it will be very different should he be appointed to the presidential office in that, there will be a movement through executive order and backed up by the Congress to limit, or get rid of guns in america despite what the Constitution says under the second amendment, protest of any kind will be crushed, the first amendment will be restricted, law enforcement will be militarized and a police state will incur, mass deportations will be implemented, the press will be gagged, our allies will be turned against, and hostile nations will be given priority over the interests of our allies and the American people.

Restrictions will be removed from Wall Street, environmental agencies will be dismantled, education will be left to its own devices, cooperate america will become richer and wages will be reduced for starters. Does this scare you America ?  It should, it scares the hell out of me yet, these things aren't a theory as Trump himself has stated these things as a matter of policy in a possible Trump administration both in so many words and directly.

Women's rights to make decisions over abortion and their own personal health will be gone, the disabled will be left to their own devices, we will transport back in time to observe the Jim Crow laws.  The military will be greatly funded and we will find ourselves in a perpetual state of foreign war and civil war, is this what we want in the way if change in america ? Don't take my word for any of this because that would be foolish on your part however, prove it for yourselves by researching Donald Trump policies and then, come to your own conclusions. I'm not about thinking for other people more so then in getting people to think for themselves.

And to all you evangelicals out there supporting Trump, think about what Revelation and the words of Jesus had to say about these times, think about it and know, that by supporting Trump you have become the false prophet that leads many souls through the gates of Hell with your eyes wide open, think about and ask yourself, will it be worth losing your eternal soul ? Think about what's going on right now and your part in these unfortunate days.

I am the witness and the messenger but who are you, Priest ? And what side of the line are you NOW standing?  OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES and remember who you are and to whom you once served for the God of Host judges your every word and action.  You of all people should be wise to the deception of a man with anti-Christ views and know, he will turn on you in the end and you will suffer beyond all comprehension under his control- believe it.

Ok, I've said enough and now the the choice is yours, this choice belongs to all of us, we will all be made to live with the choices we make be they good or bad, we will all be held accountable for what we think, speak and carry out in this life, so think before you act.  Lastly, take a gander of these links below that I've taken in my casual searches on Donald Trump and tell me, does this all make sense to you?  Or is there something not quite right about it all?  God bless, be safe and know, love and wisdom always conquers evil in all its ways.