Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donald J. Trump: Liar And Imposter

I find it unequally interesting how certain aspects of Donald Trump's life has only been touched on in the media and more so how the deeper aspects of his criminal ties go unseen, unknown, and unreported for the most part . Trump is a dirty guy pertaining to a lot of the information I've seen posted by credible sources on the web via court records such as his affiliations to crime families both here in the United States and Russia.

Primarily, we've all seen and heard Trump’s  negative comments against Muslims, Mexicans, women, his own political party, the handicapped, and toward the American people over all by referring to us as ‘stupid’  people on numerous occasions to which, is a true reflection of his personality since he has maintained these cretin views for over a span of thirty or forty years.

We've seen Hillary Clinton subjected to protracted investigations over the Benghazi and private server events yet and at the same time, no one seems to be reporting on the several federal investigations that Donald Trump has drawn into his life through his mob connections, destroying his own emails and other evidence in a effort to obstruct justice in those particular investigations, allegations of tax evasion through placing assets in the names of family members and then having those same assets returned to him after his six bankruptcies were complete.

I've seen no investigations regarding his offshore accounts existing in other countries such as Russia and otherwise, accounts registered under family names and various other names to possibly cloak his dubious financial dealings with organized crime and or, the Russian government itself.

We've seen all of Hilary's scandals and investigations, we've seen Congress misappropriate of tax payer dollars to the tune of 20 million dollars to which, resulted in a judgment of no wrong doing on Clinton's part in any of these investigations along with, the abuse of Congressional investigative power that you can read about in these link provided for you here provided by the Daily Beast giving the full details at: and here at this provided link showing the abuse of the republican Congress: .

I wonder why 20 million plus tax dollars hasn't been spent in the investigative pursuit of Mr. Trump in the rape cases and or, allegations places against him involving young female subjects as the reports indicate, or the outcome of all the federal tax warrants and liens levied against him via different reasons. 

A guy like Donald Trump with so many scandals of his own such as these found not only taking place in the United States at:  but over in the former Soviet Union at:, he is running for president after all and seems to be a security threat to America’s national security.

And what about Trump's conflicts of interest regarding his real estate deals with a government or governments who are considered hostile to the United States, his mob affiliations that are repeatedly connected to the countries in question ? Are these not good reasons in themselves for the disqualification of a Candidate?  I mean, I know the American people want change however will this come at the cost of American freedom under mob rule ? I hope not.

The question is, do we believe all the crap that Donald Trump and his corrupt republican backers toss at at us in the hopes of assassinating Clinton's professional character and worse?  Will we choose to let organized crime into the White House just because some of us have been convened by these ass holes that change needs to take place in the United States via Trump; a guy painting the grimest picture of America that he can that doesn't really exist in reality; a nonexistent condition that he paints in order to scare the American people into electing a total idiot - being Trump?

In my opinion Donald Trump is a petty mobster who has enough dirt on him to fill up a stadium 100 times over, a mobster that has proven associations to crime families, a mobster who wants to assist hostile powers, a guy that wants to tear america apart at all cost to serve the interest of foreign powers along with serving his own interest, a guy that rages against outsourcing, corporate inversion, and companies producing their products overseas yet, a guy that engages in all these same things while clamming that he is a job creator, a job creator that creates jobs over seas instead of creating jobs here in the United States as his business history reflects as you can read about here at this link of : at: .

I wonder if Donald Trump will be given a pass in avoiding the debates with Hillary Clinton ? I understand that he's already trying to find a way out of these debates despite all his bullshit bad ass bully talk ? I don't know about you reader, but I want some damn answers and furthermore I'm not that willing to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire just because some moron like Trump tells me that we need change in America - change via kissing Putin's ass and stroking the north Korean’s baby god king’s huge ego.

I think Donald Trump will do everything he can to get out of the debates as these debates will prove to everyone in America that he is a Russian mob drone, a untrustworthy personality avoiding debates because he has no real answers or solutions;  because he is a man that doesn't want to make America rich more so, then making himself rich off the blood, sweat, and tears of the factory worker that works their fingers bloody everyday in America’s industries.

Donald Trump in my opinion, is a guy that hopes to float by on scaring everyone into believing that America is going down the tubes and that, “He's the only one whom can save us” because after all, he only uses the best mob affiliated people and he does have a good brain, right Donald ? Well, Trump always asks us to believe him when he says “believe me” yet, I for one don't believe a god damn thing he says, my mamma didn't raise a idiot and taught me “if it sounds to good to be true” then it's some con artist trying to scam you.

Everything this guy accuses others of doing are the very things he's guilty of himself when you start researching his criminally laden circle of mob affiliations, when looking at the sexual scandals and bad business dealings he has had over the years that have brought lawsuit after lawsuit against him.  Donald Trump is dirty all across the board and the American people liking this guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee least you find yourself in a really horrible nightmare.

Hillary Clinton is a saint compared next to Trump who has been attacked for years and yet, has never been charged with criminal conduct however Trump on the other hand, has been charged with criminal and civil rights infringement according to the information I've obtained through official records and eye witnessed accounts for an array of various violations of the law.

Donald Trump always has something nasty and petty to say about others and now not that this nasty behavior wasn't enough, we now see him conspiring with hostile government in asking them to hack the American government for the betterment of his own personal political and monetary gain. For years, we've had politicians making promises they never kept that is, until President Obama came along, a president that I didn't vote for the first time around but voted for the second time around and why?  Because he listened to good advise coming from the American people, he didn't have to, but he did, he not only listened but acted on good advice and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.

Do you think for one second, that Donald Trump will listen and make a positive difference in america like President Obama has ?  I don't think so. Do you honestly think that Donald Trump will put the nations welfare above his own?  I know he won't, what do you think, reader?  No matter how hard the republican party harps on Hillary Clinton with all their distortions and negative crap, I know one thing for a FACT in that, Hillary Clinton has a long distinguished record of public service, what's Donald got past his history of ripping people off and or, laying people off and taking advantage of people losing their homes, nothing is the answer.

Again, one thing I can tell you as FACT, Hillary Clinton not only listens to the American people, but she acts on our good advice, just like President Obama has done over the last eight years. The Republicans like to paint Hillary as some uneducated bitch that has no real accomplishments throughout her distinguished career but keep in mind, they have a history of lying just like their front runner, a party that likes to play dirty, a party that throws away ethics and everything else to win at all cost even if, they have to create fake web sites to rip off donations from the American public.

As far as trustworthy goes, I would put my life in Hillary's hands any day, for any reason at any time, and I'm not just saying this because that's how confident I am in the capabilities or abilities of Hillary Clinton and President Obama.  I don't look at our government as some perfect thing in time and I concede that the American government needs a lot of work however, to fix the issue at hand we would place a leader like Hillary in office to change the flaws within the system more so, then put some crazy ass like Donald Trump in office that eventually, would bring this nation down further then it was under George Walker Bush.

When Bill Clinton first was elected into office, I didn't like him; I didn't like him because of all the crap I was hearing about him on the news but after a while, I started to see the pattern in every time he tried to do something good for the American people another scandal would hit him out of nowhere and you know what ? This is now going on with Hillary Clinton.  The powers that be are not painting Clinton to be this untrustworthy monster yet and again when you research the facts, the republican machine is the untrustworthy ones who seek to serve their own interests, who will do anything to win at all cost even if it's at the expense of the American people.

I really don't know how America has come to the point of even letting a guy like Donald Trump run for the office of president not alone, permitting him to say and do the thing he says and does up on the debate stage.  This in itself has given me great doubt in the election process and moreover, causes me to believe that corruption is running rampant  in the U.S. Government.  Certainly we as the American people haven't become so desperate and naive to believe that a guy like Donald Trump is the answer to world peace and the restoration of our global climate.

As far as I'm concerned, Donald Trump is a imposter and quite  possibly a spy who seeks to take over our government from the inside out and moreover, I wouldn't give this guy the time of day not alone any classified information.  To venture further I would say, that he should be locked up immediately for espionage, treason and subversion against the United States Government along with carrying out a in depth investigation into his organized crime connections.

Again, in my opinion, Donald Trump not only is a divisive and racist  candidate, but a candidate that has low opinions of anyone different from himself. Trump is a dangerous candidate that shouldn't even be a candidate whom I believe, is a national security threat whom's motives are to assist our enemies in usurping the well being of our allied friends and further, to work against the sovereignty of the United States itself.

Everything about this guy isn't about a beneficial change in America more so than a self serving ruler whom seeks to crush any opposition to his views and political goals through the utter abuse of sovereign American power, through the misuse of government agencies and or, over all policies.  I do not make these charges lightly in the interest of one candidate over another however, I do make these statements in the interest of national security and the preservation of the American way of life.

Donald Trump talks a fair line of shit however it will be very different should he be appointed to the presidential office in that, there will be a movement through executive order and backed up by the Congress to limit, or get rid of guns in america despite what the Constitution says under the second amendment, protest of any kind will be crushed, the first amendment will be restricted, law enforcement will be militarized and a police state will incur, mass deportations will be implemented, the press will be gagged, our allies will be turned against, and hostile nations will be given priority over the interests of our allies and the American people.

Restrictions will be removed from Wall Street, environmental agencies will be dismantled, education will be left to its own devices, cooperate america will become richer and wages will be reduced for starters. Does this scare you America ?  It should, it scares the hell out of me yet, these things aren't a theory as Trump himself has stated these things as a matter of policy in a possible Trump administration both in so many words and directly.

Women's rights to make decisions over abortion and their own personal health will be gone, the disabled will be left to their own devices, we will transport back in time to observe the Jim Crow laws.  The military will be greatly funded and we will find ourselves in a perpetual state of foreign war and civil war, is this what we want in the way if change in america ? Don't take my word for any of this because that would be foolish on your part however, prove it for yourselves by researching Donald Trump policies and then, come to your own conclusions. I'm not about thinking for other people more so then in getting people to think for themselves.

And to all you evangelicals out there supporting Trump, think about what Revelation and the words of Jesus had to say about these times, think about it and know, that by supporting Trump you have become the false prophet that leads many souls through the gates of Hell with your eyes wide open, think about and ask yourself, will it be worth losing your eternal soul ? Think about what's going on right now and your part in these unfortunate days.

I am the witness and the messenger but who are you, Priest ? And what side of the line are you NOW standing?  OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES and remember who you are and to whom you once served for the God of Host judges your every word and action.  You of all people should be wise to the deception of a man with anti-Christ views and know, he will turn on you in the end and you will suffer beyond all comprehension under his control- believe it.

Ok, I've said enough and now the the choice is yours, this choice belongs to all of us, we will all be made to live with the choices we make be they good or bad, we will all be held accountable for what we think, speak and carry out in this life, so think before you act.  Lastly, take a gander of these links below that I've taken in my casual searches on Donald Trump and tell me, does this all make sense to you?  Or is there something not quite right about it all?  God bless, be safe and know, love and wisdom always conquers evil in all its ways.