Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donald John Trump Campaign

Donald John Trump Campaign

We've heard and seen many things coming from the Trump campaign over the last year or so; things unbecoming from a presidential candidate such as the total disrespect and or, over all contempt of a sitting president starting out with the birther issue and the following slanderous attacks against his administration and then, the comments against minorities and Mexico,

and lastly, negative remarks made against members of his own party via critiquing their appearance and station in government and moreso, we've always heard him speak highly of the former Soviet Union and at times, took the position of Russia on important matters.

Then we move on to his statements in showing admiration for such leaders as the north Korean leader being Kim Jong-Un and

the president of Russia Vladimir Putin

former leader of Libya Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi 

and otherwise moreover, we hear complements coming back from some of these leaders regarding Donald Trump in which, some here in the United States consider to be Tyrants at the very least.

We have heard Mr. Trump’s positions on volatile international issues that in essence affect the national security of the United States and or, indirectly affect the U.S. through it’s allies such as the I.s.i.l, the Iran deal , Libya , Benghazi, and the Ukraine events .

We've heard Mr. Trump rage against everything that the United States represents via his proposal of creating a mass deportation force in deporting eleven million undocumented people to parts unknown, the ineffective plan in building a wall to keep everyone out especially when, people are coming over on airplanes, and overstayed visas and not over the U.S. Border.

Making friends with Iran to which is considered to be a country that state sponsors terrorism around the world, wanting a deal with and talks with North Korea in the hopes of becoming friends and or, to solve their nuclear ambitions and lastly, standing with the Saudis against Israel

We've heard his plans to invoke assasination against the leader of North Korea through China and further, the assasination of anyone in a family member related to a terrorist or group  Trump complements these leaders one minute, then the next minute wants to assassinate them. 

We've heard Trump habitually lie over and over and yet, he calls everyone else a liar.  We've witnessed Donald Trump’s long history of business failures along with his shady mob associations and yet, Mr. Trump makes it all the way up to be the front runner of the Republican party, how can this be ?

We've heard Trump name call and hurl insults instead of offering any solutions that will push this nation forward and along with his fear and hate mongering in his rallies and in which, he claims to be the only one that can fix America, “The LAW” and order candidate, is he planning a police state ? In his long winded speeches?

Oh, here's what he thinks of L.G.B.T., Abortion, Pot and Guns and further, what do our kids think about Trump ? Check it out What about Trump on the Issues ? WOW, really, the best people huh… have a good brain ? Awesome but where are the solutions Mr. Trump?

Donald Trump brings people together ? He sure does, he brings people that normally hate each other together and against him, LMAO . What jobs Donald ? Do you mean the ones you create overseas ? We all ready have borders and country Donald so what's with the wall and who is going to pay for it again ? and .

And what about Trump’s tax plan ? and and immigration Trump on the economy, he's the king of debt and taxing China . Trump also stated at one point that he is “the king of debt.” via @YouTube

Ok, okay……I will stop for now even though I don't want to and why ? Because this is so fun for me, I like exposing frauds or bullshit artists  and so, let's move on to the more serious stuff as follows:  Mr. Trump hired his new campaign manager being Paul Manafort and to which, you will want to read over should you really wish to know exactly who Paul Manafort really is and where he's been.

Now, I've heard over and over again how Donald Trump isn't the establishment and or, he's the outsider however, this is simply untrue when you investigate his past and associates and further, I've heard that he really doesn't care if he wins the presidency but I beg to differ and why ? Because he's stated in the past, time, energy and money but what else might he lose ?

Well, he might lose Putin's friendship even though Trump has pushed Russia narrative in the Middle East and the Ukraine along with his mob connections as implicated in the lawsuit cited above.  He might lose his closest connections to the Kremlin regarding Paul Manafort and of course, he will lose the chance to twist American laws around that will not only serve his business interests, but the interests of Russia, North Korea, and otherwise other friends he might have that we don't know about yet.

Given the dubious past of Donald Trump's business and associate history along with that of Paul Manafort, it would only be prudent to view these two men as not only a national security risk, but a international security risk especially when  the views of Trump and Manafort are much aligned  with that of Putin and others in that region of the world whom oppose Democracy for the most part.

If you will read the lawsuit cited above you'll see that serious charges are introduced within such as money laundering, conspiracy and stock fraud which again, it states that Paul Manafort had full knowledge of concerning all the players mentioned in this particular lawsuit filed in New York.  Again, please read the 90 page plus volume lawsuit to see how it connects the former president of the Ukraine, Putin, and America through not only shady real estate deals but other connecting components.

Paul Manafort was associated with Putin and thus, why would Donald Trump have a man like Manafort living in Trump tower with him and further, why would either of these two men be allowed anywhere close to the Oval Office considering they have such affiliations?  That is the question. I believe that Donald Trump is a impostor into the world of American politics; an impostor with hidden motives, a man that doesn't want to make America great again but, wants to bring America into ruin.

When you think about it, Donald Trump doesn't really have to know government policy or even come up with his own proposals simply because, he's about working things around to his profit solely should he get into the White House rather then, look out for the American people’s interests.

Donald Trump is reckless, rude, crude, juvenile and an over all self-serving personality as is reflected in his daily attitude and yet, some Americans are willing to overlook the facts; they fail to see all the red flags wavering in the approaching storm.  The Soviets along with the Chinese have hacked into our government’s secure email accounts over and over again throughout the years and I wouldn't put it past these foreign governments in attempting to put their own little personal puppet like Mr. Trump into office to serve their goals.

Governments that hate strength and or, strong leaders like President Obama and former Secretary Clinton and so, it would only make sense to take into account the extraordinary lengths these governments would go to; Governments that seek influence in a U.S. Election process, Governments that would manipulate this election event around in where a weak leader would be put into office, a leader that they could control like Donald Trump.

Is this a conspiracy theory ? No, not really because it's backed up with Trump’s own words concerning his views and motives that tend to match Putin's along with the documented behaviors and associations both present and in the past past however, a bit more evidence will be needed to seal the deal and perhaps, the current F.B.I. investigation over the D.M.C. email matter will provide the rest of the answers needed to bring this corruption into the full light of day.

Enough circumstantial evidence can lead to conviction should it all lean toward guilt however in this instance, no one is on criminal trial here yet, any given political election is by its very nature the court of public opinion, and it is this public opinion that leads to the election of certain government officials.

In the case of Donald Trump, I find him not only unqualified and unfit to hold the office of presidency as a result of his baneful and ongoing political ignorance, lack of common sense knowledge, eradic or unstable temperament and worse, his total disregard for the feelings and welfare of others and lastly, his personal and business past dealings along with his dangerous affiliations and associations that I feel, would place this country in deep jeopardy.

Really, we must not ignore the obvious with a candidate that can't provide us with any workable solutions.  We must stop merely taking a politician at his word, we must put them to the test and hold them accountable because after all, when we place a person in the highest office in the land it's only right that we know what that person is really like in their private life, and if what their suggesting to us is a actual resolution to the issues we’re confronted with as a nation, wouldn't you agree ?

Donald Trump’s life is a closed book for the most part and we have to ask ourselves, what do we really know about him past his real estate projects and television show and not leaving out, his shady dealings with undesirable people in the course of his business and personal dealings?

And here lately, Trump’s entanglements with Paul Manafort and this guys ties to Russia, the Ukraine, and organized crime according to the New York lawsuit.  Everything about Trump says to me, run the other way as fast as you can and don't look back.  I'm only one person out of millions of people and yet,  I know I'm not the only one putting together this rather bazaar picture unfolding before us all.

Donald Trump being the sociopath that he is, is constantly ranting about a ‘rigged political system’  but one thing I know for sure and that is, sociopaths always accuse others of the very things that their guilty of themselves.

In other words, I can't believe that people are falling for a guy like Trump and his hollow promises and so, is there something going on?  Could Mr. Trump be rigging the game, buying the polls, and or rigging the polls in his favor? ?

I mean, this man is making a desperate attempt for the White House and strikes me as someone that will do anything to get there in so much as going to the extent of buying the polls  himself to give his campaign a boost in the public eye.

Have you ever wondered why he can say anything about anyone and still remain not only up on the debate stage, but become the front runner of the Republican party as well?  Have you ever wondered about that?  Of course you have, we all have, so what's going on ?  There must be some big money in play behind the scenes, must be some powerful people in foreign nations trying to get him into the White House and who might they be and for what purpose, we must ask ourselves ?

I smell shit with the Trump campaign and for good reason, do you smell shit ? Let's check our shoes to make sure that were not walking through Trump’s corrupt mess.  In closing, I hope Donald likes being investigated by the F.B.I. as much as he enjoyed Hillary being investigated by that same F.B.I.

Trump, like Paul Manafort, is more than likely a person of interest along with others that share their same connections with the former Soviet Union over this email hacking thing and lastly, we as the American people should demand a political system that screens our potential leaders in the future and if not, we could just as well end up getting a real life Hitler in the White House one day, a tyrant that ends up giving us the state of the union address over the nightly news, or worse.  I would ask those planning to vote for Donald Trump to reconsider by simply listening to your hearts and not to the hollow promises that Donald Trump hands out like candy.

I would beg you to think for yourselves, look at the hard cold facts, and refuse to be manipulated by this guy;  let him know that your nobody’s  fool, your not as stupid as he thinks you are,, but what's that again Donald, who's stupid ?,

Oh I see Donald, you like folks like this, right ?” I like poorly educated people” you say right Donald ? Well, this one isn't as stupid as you think she is and I believe she is going to take you down.

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This is the New York court decision on Donald Trump’s Top Adviser Paul Manafort below at:

Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 13 of 94
CMZ Ventures “Preliminary Term Sheet” lists as joint owners the following three corporations: (1) Defendant BARBARA ANN HOLDINGS, LLC, a corporation registered in Delaware and 90% owned by Defendant BRAD S. ZACKSON; (2) Defendant VULCAN PROPERTIES, INC., a corporation run and controlled by Arthur Cohen, although wholly owned by his wife, Karen Cohen; and (3) a corporation described in the formation papers as “XXX LLC”, controlled by Paul Manafort. See Exhibit 17. Each of these corporations and their owners acted as agents for Firtash and his associates by covertly investing their money through CMZ Ventures, Kallista Investments, and the Dynamic Fund.

Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 14 of 94
  1. Defendant PAUL J. MANAFORT is a well-known Washington D.C. lobbyist and political consultant. He is the senior partner in the firm Davis, Manafort and Freedman. Manafort also worked in Ukraine on various political campaigns, including the successful 2010 presidential campaign of Victor Yanukovich, who is the President of Ukraine at present.

  2. Manafort played a key role in the defendants’ conspiracy and racketeering enterprise by assisting Firtash to become a major “investor” and silent partner in defendants CMZ Ventures (sometimes referred to as “ZMC Investors”), 

  3. Group DF and their affiliated companies, through which Firtash and his associates were able to money launder a large portion of the funds that Firtash, Group DF and RUE were skimming from numerous Gazpron/Naftogaz natural gas transactions, as well as the windfall payments and profits worth approximately $3.5 billion that they received as a result of the corrupt transactions and breaches of fiduciary duties that resulted in the Stockholm Arbitration award, as described below in greater detail.

  4. These monies were then laundered through various New York based bank accounts under the guise of otherwise legitimate real estate and other investment activities in New York and elsewhere in the United States, and the contracts, agreements, meetings, discussions and electronic communications (e.g., computer, email and fax transmissions) relating to said money laundering and investment activities were primarily conducted through defendants’ offices located at 1501 Broadway, 25th floor. 

  5. Each of the defendants had substantial and purposeful contacts with New York in that the defendants either were based at the New York offices (“the New York defendants”) or, as to the defendants who were based elsewhere, they had the New York defendants act as their agents with regard to all activities of their racketeering enterprise that were conducted from the New York offices.
    Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 15 of 94 

  6. A large portion of these money laundered funds, particularly the New York bank accounts of the various defendant companies and their co-conspirators, was then funneled back to Ukraine to provide the “financing” for the persecution and deprivation of human rights of the plaintiffs and plaintiff class members.

  7. 37. Since Manafort been a key advisor to President Yanukovich and other Ukraine political figures since approximately 2003, he knew exactly how Firtash and his affiliated companies and associates were able to skim billions of dollars from the natural gas deals between Russia and Ukraine, and he knew that the monies were used to pay off political figures and government officials in Ukraine. 

  8. By inviting Firtash to utilize the various U.S. based companies to facilitate Firtash’s money laundering and political corruption activities, Manafort gave Firtash the opportunity to expand the scope of his money laundering activities into the United States. 

  1. Case 1:11-cv-02794-KMW Document 23 Filed 12/19/11 Page 90 of 94 
  2. 282. Since approximately 2007 and continuing to the present, Defendants and their agents and co-conspirators have invested their racketeering proceeds in real estate and other financial investments in New York and elsewhere in the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1962(a). These investments have enabled the Racketeering Enterprise to operate under the cover of legitimacy when paying illegal government kickbacks, funding political campaigns, or otherwise distributing its profits. 

Define Treason: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Subversion: means overthrowing something, like a government or law, or it can mean corrupting someone's personal morals, like making a vegetarian eat bacon by tricking her. The Latin root subvertere means “to turn from below,” and when you turn something on its head in a sneaky way, that's subversion.