Thursday, February 9, 2017

President Trump Listening To The American People

I've heard often how the media and the government has vowed to listen to the American people however I don't see much evidence of this coming from this new Trump administration thus far.  Where do I begin ? Ok, let's take a stab at the border issue and or “The Wall” in our first assessment and suggested resolution to this immediate problem.

Building a wall on the southern border is said to cost in the neighborhood of ten to sixteen  billion dollars that Mr. Trump stated over and over again that Mexico would pay for to which, Mexico has stated twice now in no uncertain terms that they weren't going to pay for.  A wall that Mr. Trump now says the American people will now have to pick up the tab for in taxes until the U.S. Government can get the funds back from Mexico.

Ok, this is a promise broken by Mr. Trump right off the bat even though he did suggest that the American people would have to pay for the wall once or twice towards the end of his campaign, but then went back to Mexico will pay for the wall.

Now that candidate Trump has become President Trump, this situation has evolved into another burden on the backs of the American people in that, a roughly 20 million dollar national deficit will now have another 10 to 16 billion added to it if we include the wall that we the people of America will have to pay off before we can even think about paying down the national deficit.

Of course, Mr. Trumps big plans to bring up the national infrastructure to date such as can be found in our dams, roads and electrical grid network will also add substantially to the over all national debt that in my opinion, will sink us into a deficit in where we have absolutely no hope of ever paying down that is, since our government is broke in the first place.

President Trump has stated that he's not for higher working wages in America and thinks American unions aren't really a good thing and thus, when we couple these things together along with imposed taxes to pay for additional infrastructure projects like the wall and further, higher cost of consumer items as a result of border taxes, then we can expect major inflation or even a eventual huge economy crash as a result.

The wall is a impractical solution and further a added burden to the American tax payer that will not have the desired effect in stopping drug trafficking in itself however, technology would be more effective approach along with added man power in the form of tactical response teams to address border crossings and drug trafficking along with added fencing over the remaining 1000 miles of border.

As most know, the wall is ineffectual in light of the tunneling effect and against visa traffic and or, visa overstays and thus if a database is to be used for anything then it should be used for those folks that overstay their visas no matter the nationality or country they arrive from. To use a federal or international database to restrict a particular nationality, culture or over all religion is in my opinion is not only American, but wholly unwarranted, discriminatory and rests on the lunatic fringe of insanity at best.

Regarding the Wall, and or, fencing line should be a joint venture between Mexico and the United States and not solely belonging to one nation or the other however and as a result of Mr. Trump’s  words and anticipated actions by others, the disintegration of diplomacy has occurred and or, is blatantly obvious a nonevent between countries at present and so, I'm not sure a reasonable solution can, or would be entertained by Mexico at this point in time.

Again, this president is addressing a somewhat complex issue with a very simplistic solutions in the way of the given ultimatum presented to Mexico to which I do not agree with, an approach that is not only one sided but comes off as a harsh and threatening demand, a ill prepared proposed demand that is seen as a preposterous level of strong arming.

What's alarming here to me can be found in that, the President seems to have a inability to problem solve to a certain degree, to solve a reasonably solvable issue such as working with Mexico in fencing the last thousand miles of the southern border, working with Mexico on a surgical repair of the border instead of insisting on the total redoing the entire border with a very expensive wall that we the tax payers will end up spending our hard earned money on.

Think about it, if this president can't navigate through an issue such as reasonable border security policy, one has to ask themselves, how he would handle a nuclear crisis and or, what would his response to defending one of our allies in Europe consist of past his threats or hollow promises?

His “throw out the baby with the bath water” approach on everything that comes across his desk is a disastrous set of policies at best and goes on to be a guaranteed bring this country to its knees directive in as little as six months and I would say to the entire Congress, YOU WILL not only lose your jobs through the American vote in the midterms if not sooner, but none of us will have jobs to go to if you permit this madness to go on any longer and why?  Because this country will enter the second great depression and Mr. Trump will not have the wherewithal to pull us out of it, you can surely count on it.

On to immigration; banning Muslim countries or Muslim persons from entering the United States and showing singular preference to the Christian refugees over the thousands of Muslims immigrants being killed and seeking to escape oppression and death from terrorist groups is by far and again, a overly simplified and one-sided approach to the issue and further guaranteed to cause more terrorism against this nation in the future as a result.

This might have been a reasonable approach had it been conducted in a surgical fashion after safe zones had been established in the middle east complete with enforced “no fly zones” however and as usual, the cart has been put before the horse once more.  Terror organizations will now play on the emotions and needs of the refugees and increase their numbers substantially over the next few months and not leaving out, the multiple middle eastern nations that will eventually pull out of trade packs between themselves and the United Stated as a result of Americas intolerant and aggressive isolationist mentality bent into policy.

Our ancestors didn't die on the worlds battlefields for this shit and I refuse to sit by and watch us all be teleported back to the 40's and beyond simply because, we have a alleged president who seems to be stuck in the past and is hell bent in attempts to address current issues in a way that doesn't even come close in resolving what we have going on in the world today. This is not America and more or less resembles totalitarianism over a democracy.

One thing I can guarantee you, Republican Congress. I will personally lead the charge against voting everyone of you out of office and then, we will give the government back to the Democrats should you allow this madness to continue.  I'm a centrist political view and agree with strong borders, pro-life, I want free trade and otherwise and or in other words I'm not the enemy and yet, I see the quick decline to this country if this continues and hence, this is madness that needs to be stopped NOW.

Walls, cutting ourselves off from the world, discrimination against nationality, gender, sexual preference, culture, religion or region is not the America I know. Voter suppression, allowing a campaign to continue that is suspected with foreign collusion with Russia and promising one thing on the campaign trail and and yet, having that same candidate get into office and proceed to take away those same things through Congress that he promised the American people he would protect for them.

I've heard this president ask for help and when offered that help, he doesn't listen and forges on to his own personal agenda to which, sounds much like a vendetta against China and Mexico, just to name a few nations under the fire of his negative statements.  A president that is trying real hard to keep his promises and yet at the same time, has no concept of a balanced approach nor a slight grasp of diplomacy.

A president, with good intentions paving the road to hell, a president whom lacks the ability to see off into the future, no foresight, an inability to see the ramifications or repercussions of what he says or does in the way of speaking to other world leaders or the policies he enacts and attempts to enforce.

Let me make a little prediction for you U.S. Government and please refer back to this post in three months time or less. We will end up in several wars in the middle east, a firestorm of death and violence, full blown war in the Ukraine, Syria will be will continue to be a killing field; America will be brought up on war crime charges and or, crimes against humanity, martial law will be imposed in every city of the United Stated as a result of riots and increased terror attacks on the homeland, and our economy will crash as a result of many other nations choosing not to trade with us should we stay on the course of incomplete and overly generalized policy coming from the Trump administration.

Inflation will be unreal as the cost of consumer items go through the roof resulting from border taxes and trade wars…….we will be engaged in what some in the middle east will consider to be a holy war and or, Christian crusade against the Muslims; we will more than likely be pulled into a military conflict with China and or a conflict over the South China sea over the islands…….we will deploy tens of thousands of troops to Syria and the Ukraine will be abandoned by the United States and left to Russia to take over.  Millions of U.S. jobs will be lost both here and around the world as we see starting to happen now, jobs will also be lost over seas as a result of the foreign exclusion of American contractors.

I think at the current rate of projection and course of events, we will have a trade war with China and Mexico along with a military action against North Korea, Iran, and quite possibly or eventually, a proxy war with Russia.  Israel will come under severe attack from militant or terrorist groups coming in from the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip, America will be drawn into a military engagement here in defending Israel.  You see President Trump, these things will come to be as a result of your lack of foresight and the complacency of the United States Congress, a domino effect, a chain reaction resulting from vague  policy, not seeing the big picture and not having the knowledge and experience to address it.

President Trump prides himself on being a good business man, a deal maker, and very rich guy that listens to the American people however, I don't see very good deals being made here nor good decisions being carried out in the interest of the United States moreover, I see the United States being drawn into war after war, America withdrawing from NATO and the United Nations, abandoning its long held relationships with allied nations, a second great depression coming, freedoms long taken for granted in the United States being taken away in the interest of protecting the American public from a terrorist threat via a militarized law enforcement, police state under martial law, the fall of America as we knew it as a result of a ill prepared president and complacent Congress and gagged media. 

Written By: James Morgan